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We invite you to attend our All Souls Day Service at 5pm on November 6th 2022.


Everyone is welcome. We will remember those who have died and are dear to us. You may ask for the name of your loved one to be read out in Church and you will be able to light a candle for them. There will be a couple of hymns and some other organ music, together with prayers and readings. 

This service is intended as a space where we can remember, give thanks for and celebrate the lives of those who have walked with us a while. It is perfectly alright if you get upset or cry, that is very normal when you are hurting. This service is a space where you should feel free to "not be OK" for a while. 

Whether of not you can attend, the link below will take you to a form upon which you can enter names you would like read out in the service. These can be people who have died recently, or people who are still in your heart after many years.

Click here to submit names

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