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All our classes and workshops are open to everyone.  We operate on the honor system and ask that you pay what you can. Prices listed for classes are a guide for those folk who would can afford it.  No one should feel that they cannot come to a class because they cannot afford it. We can only do this because folk who can afford full price, pay full price.  You may pay online or at the door with cash or card. The Sunday evening 5-6pm Yoga and Meditation is free as we class it as an act of worship, but you are welcome to leave a love offering.

Early Bird Community Yoga - 7:30 AM Monday

This will be a mixed level class. Beginners are welcome. We have mats and blocks if you do not have them. The class will be a mixture of energizing poses to really wake you up and some stretches to get your joints moving.  In the Administration Building. Beginners and returners welcome. You will need to be able to get up and down from the floor. This class operates on a donation basis. Even if you cannot afford anything, you are welcome to join us.

Chair Yoga - 10 AM Monday

This class is aimed at those who have not moved around much for a while, who have mobility or balance issues or are worried about whether they will "cope" with a yoga class.  It will take place in the Administration Building at Redeemer. No experience is needed. Each week we start with simple movements and offer modifications if you find things too difficult. Options and challenges are available for the poses which your body likes. This class understands that every body is different. Naturally we all have different degrees of flexibility and what is easy for one is nearly impossible for another. All are welcome whether or not you are a Church member. If you do have uncontrolled blood pressure issues, heart issues or spinal (especially neck) injuries please check it out with your doctor. We can offer modifications but with serious medical problems it is better to be safe than sorry. The suggested donation for this class is $5. This goes directly to the Church to support both the Yoga program, to allow everyone to participate, and to support ministry. Caroline teaches and donates time to this class.

Mindful Flow with Jane - 6 PM Tuesday/Thursday

Prepare to deepen your physical and spiritual awareness with a Level 1-2 yoga practice that will draw you closer to the still, quiet place within. We will flow through a series of yoga poses coupled with breath movement and end with a silent meditation, before enjoying a nice long savasana. Class will last about 75 mins. 


Jane Woods is trained in the Hatha-Vinyasa yoga lineage, which intentionally couples movement and breath, and sequences yoga poses in order to prepare the body-mind for meditation. Spiritually, Jane is aligned with the Christian mystical tradition and has studied under Richard Rohr. Off the mat, she is a mother of two, home cook, and Type 4 on the Enneagram.  This Program begins on February 18th. Online booking will be available soon. This class has a charge of between $3 and $15.

Relax, Stretch and Meditation - 5 PM Every 1st and 3rd Sunday

On the first and third Sundays at 5pm we will have a quiet class for the end of the weekend. Part yoga class, part worship. We will do some calming poses and stretches and end our time in meditation. This is in the main Sanctuary. As this is is worship event there is no booking. The yoga portion is suitable for those with some yoga experience. If you are a beginner, you may like to attend one of our beginner classes first, especially if you have limited mobility. We hope to add another service on 2nd and 4th Sundays which will not require any movement. We are currently in the main Sanctuary but may move to a custom space in the near future.