Covid Protocols at Redeemer

From the Rector


We are gradually edging back to pre-Covid life. The following changes come in to force on 20th June

1. Everyone who is fully vaccinated - that is at least 2 weeks after their second vaccination (first for Johnson and Johnson) may choose not to wear a mask in Church.

2. Those who cannot receive a vaccine, are ineligible to receive a vaccine (children), have not yet been vaccinated or are electing not to take the vaccine must still wear masks. I am really sorry about children having to wear them when they are also the ones who are most likely to struggle with them - but those are the rules.

3. The common cup is not returning and we will continue to offer pre-intincted wafers.

4. Coffee hour will return but will be modified to being coffee and a choice of a few pre-wrapped cookies and crackers, at least for the moment. Fruit which is "in a skin" will also be welcome. It will be in the Parish Hall.

5. The Peace will remain contact free, this will mean that no one is put in the position of having to refuse a handshake or a hug. It will also continue to be "from your seat" We have people who have weak immune systems or are immuno-compromised and they should not feel awkward at this time.

6. Spacing protocols remain at 3 feet but all pews will be open. 

7. We will continue to stream all services. We received a large technology grant and online is here to stay.

As usual I am steering conservatively inside the lines. If you have questions please feel free to email me

Click the image to go the the North Carolina State Health Department information pages.

We encourage everyone to take their shot and, just as important, to keep an eye out for those who may be struggling to figure out how to get a slot or with transportation. Consider have gentle conversations with those you know who are dubious about Covid-19 being real or are afraid of the purpose of the shot. 


In line with CDC, NCDHHS and Diocesan Guidelines we continue to require face  coverings, social distancing and thorough hand washing. This applies to everyone, whether or not you are fully vaccinated . We reserve the right to refuse admission, even of you are claiming a medical exemption.