What is Creationtide?

Creationtide or the Season of Creation is usually celebrated from around September 1st, which is the World Day of Prayer for Creation, until St. Francis Day at the beginning of October.


It is not an official season in the traditional sense and so sits within the Season of Pentecost (or Trinity, depending on where you are).


Creationtide is about celebrating the “Earth and all that is within” (Psalm 24). Unfortunately, as we come to consider the world in which we live we are increasingly aware of the fact that our use or misuse of resources and environment are eroding both humanity’s and many other species’ continued ability to survive here.


Thus, the season is one of reflection, repentance and learning how we might, together, change our outlook, use resources more wisely and look to a brighter future. We look not only to environmental issues but also to issues of justice and equality. We examine the roots of systematic poverty and find our part in it.


All of this can seem overwhelming. Some of it is about lobbying for policy changes. Some of it is about understanding foreign aid in light of long-term investment instead of quick fixes. Some of it is about our own lifestyle choices. We have to risk change and we have to give up some convenience - even if other people do not. What will Creationtide teach you and how will you respond?

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