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It's what you have been waiting for! The first ever Piedmont Deanery Pie Bake Off and Trivia Challenge. Grab your favorite pie recipe and enter a pie. Form a team from your parish and come along and play Trivia. The event will end with a brief act of worship led by young people from our Deanery.

Where and When?

18th September at 3pm at All Saints, Gastonia

What sort of pie?

Any sort. It has to have some sort of crust and some sort of filling. 

Who is judging?

One deanery clergy person and a deanery youth member. 

How is it judged?

Your name will be written in Arabic script (which the judges cannot read) and placed near your pie. One of our clergy is studying Arabic and it seemed like a good idea. The judges will then taste and the decision will be purely based on what they like best.

And the Trivia?

As many people can attend from each Church as would like to. Each team has 8 people. You can have less but not more. We will form teams on  the day. As this is a team event no one will actually pay attention to whether you know any of the answers, so don't be nervous.

There are seven questions in a round and subjects will be chosen at random, in advance. The names of the rounds will be given to you at the beginning of the event and your team will choose a bonus round, ie, the one that they think they will do best at. One point per correct answer. No halves or bonuses. It is super simple and great fun.

No need to sign up, just come along, eat pie, make new friends and show your brilliance.