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Everyone is welcome to join us. You do not have to be a member and you will not be pressured into joining. We don't have a form to sign to say what you believe. Whoever you are, wherever you are coming from, whatever you believe - you are welcome.

Holy Eucharist 9:30am


Join us at the beginning of Holy Week to remember Jesus entry into Jerusalem. Holy Eucharist is another name for Holy Communion or The Lord's Supper.


The weekday services.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will have a celebration of the Holy Eucharist at 12:30 each day. This is a short spoken service of about 30 minutes. Perfect for lunchtime if you are nearby.

We will also have Evening Prayer on those days at 6pm.

These services are in the Chapel which is the smaller church building on West Sumter Street.

Holy Eucharist 7:00pm


Join us as we remember Jesus Last Supper with his disciples. This moving service includes optional footwashing. At the end of the service we move into silence, remembering Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. We will stream all night if you would like to participate in the Watch of the Passion.

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There are two services today. At 11am we will have what is called "The Liturgy of the Day." This service has some simple music and includes the reading of the Passion story from the Gospel of John.

At noon we will have the Stations of the Cross service. This reminds us of Jesus final walk, carrying the cross, to the place of His death.

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Easter Day

Join us for our celebration of the Resurrection. We celebrate the Eucharist with hymns and readings. 

After the service we will enjoy Easter treats and there will be an Easter Egg hunt.

Easter Vigil, Saturday 8th April

This service is in two parts. At 7pm we begin outside around a fire telling stories. The story which was recorded in the Old Testament about God's interaction with the people of Israel is remembered. 

At 8pm we move into Church for the service which takes us from the darkness of death to the light of resurrection with music, candles and the Eucharist.

People often have questions so here are a few we hear quite often:

Do you have a nursery?

At the moment, we encourage children, even young children, to stay in Church with their parents. We have a soft area at the front of the Church which is available for you to sit and play with your child. There are some toys and coloring. The person writing this is a mother of four (all grown now) and I realize that this can be hard. We would happily consider going back to a nursery but we have not done so since COVID. People love children and are not worried about them making noise. If you have a screamer there is a large Narthex (entrance area) where you can go, you can see into the Church from there.

What should I wear

Some people wear jeans, some wear casual clothes. We have suits and ties and fancy dresses. Do you. 

Will I feel judged for the way I look?

Sometimes people worry about tattoos or piercings. We really do not care. Most of the clergy have ink. Really, no one cares.

LGBTQ and Gender Identity.

We care that some of you have been hurt and excluded or told you must change. We 100 perent believe that God loves you the way you are. Gender identity and sexuality are complicated and should never be used as weapons. To reassure you, we have three clergy serving who are in same sex relationships. We respect your gender identity and pronous. Yes, you might find some of our older folk are still adjusting to the idea that he and she are not appropriate assumptions. We don't have anyone who would deliberately misuse pronouns.

What do you believe?



Want to know more?

Think there must be a catch? 

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