Who are we?

We believe in a God who believes in us, each and every one of us. God made you, loves you and, well, just wants you to know you are loved.


We are a Christian Church and we have a set of beliefs which are outlined in our worship - we call the words of worship "Liturgy". We don't have a long list of things you have to agree with. Our beliefs are a framework, or perhaps an umbrella, in which we live and grow. Because of that our conversations can get interesting - we don't all agree on everything and we don't pretend to.

All of come together at the Altar Rail, week after week, understanding that, whatever our own conversation and story is, we are part of a greater conversation which begins and ends in God's love for each and all.

If you want someone to scare the pants off you and threaten fire and brimstone - give us a miss. If you want someone to tell you you are not good enough definitely give us a big miss. If you don't really trust this article to be true and are afraid we will try to change you when we walk in the door - all we can do is to reassure you that is not true.


You are welcome, just the way you are. We say that because we believe God says that.  We get your hesitation and we have plenty of people who have been in your shoes who would be happy to chat, no strings. You may find a spiritual resting place here, you may not, but you are welcome to come in and explore. 

What, where, when?

What do I wear?

You can wear anything - some people come in jeans and leggings. If you are the sort of person who worries about being under-dressed, don't. Some people's Sunday thing is dressing up, others prefer a more casual approach.. 

What about children?

We usually have a nursery but we had to close that during Covid. We believe that children can (and probably should) be in worship when they are old enough to begin to learn the patterns and rhythm of worship. They are as much a part of our community as anyone else. 

What sort of service is it?

Usually pretty traditional. We don't often use "Thee" and "Thou" but we do use a prayer book with a set liturgy. Knowing what we are going to say and what comes next can ,if we pay attention, help us to connect more deeply with what we are doing.

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