Who are we?

We believe in a God who believes in us, each and every one of us. God made you, loves you and, well, just wants you to know you are loved.


If you want someone to scare the pants off you and threaten fire and brimstone - give us a miss. If you want someone to tell you you are not good enough definitely give us a big miss. If you don't really trust this and think we will turn out to be different if you some through the door - eh, we get that, but we really are this chill and you really are totally welcome.

What, where, when?

What do I wear? You can wear anything - some people come in jeans and leggings. If you are the sort of person who worries about being under-dressed, we do have some folk who like to dress up - that is their thing. 

What about children? When we do not have Covid, we have a nursery. At the moment we do not but children are welcome in worship.

What about the whole Covid thing, is it safe? Yes. We have gone to great lengths to keep people as safe as possible and still require masks and social distancing. 

Want to know more?

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