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Saturday April 9th 9:30-12:30

Please note that this is a date change

What does it cost to forgive and can you allow yourself to be forgiven?

This three week course looks at the possibility and cost of forgiveness. Week 1 looks at the two great bookends of the first generation of the Church, Peter and Paul. Peter who denied Jesus, Paul who persecuted Christians. How did they understand their actions and God's forgiveness.

Week 2 looks at how we might forgive with stories of those who found it in their hearts to forgive from as far apart as South Africa and Northern Ireland. What does it take to forgive and what might be the cost of not being able to forgive someone.

Week 3 takes on the question of being forgiven. This is often the hardest of all as we find it hard to forgive ourselves and so we believe others cannot forgive us. Sometimes it is just plain hard to admit we need forgiveness. Using the Bible and literature we look at some texts about forgiveness and those who received it.

Each session will begin with a simple soup and bread supper. Please feel free to bring your own food if you are worried, although everything will be served for you.

This course was written and will be facilitated by Rev. Caroline Kramer who is the Rector here at Redeemer. Caroline has extensive experience in leading workshops and retreats around the country and internationally.

Please pre-register for this event. There is only one registration form - if you are not coming on the 10th but are coming on a different date please use this one form and put details in the memo section. You may also email or call the Church office (see footer below).


There will also be a Zoom option, you will need to register for the link.