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Looking to the Future

So many people have so many dreams for who we can be as the Jesus Movement in Shelby. So many dreams and ideas that we are in the process of trying to coral them so that we can begin to plan for the future.

In a few weeks you will be asked for ideas but, first of all, we encourage you to begin to take a look at facts about our community and its needs. Then we can begin planning for the future.

Redeemer is here to tell and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Euangelion in Greek means "Good News" and that is where "Evangelism" comes from. You have probably all come across ways of doing Evangelism which curl your toes, but that does not mean it is a bad idea, just that we need to find our own voice.

The story we tell of Jesus is a story of how our lives are lived in the presence of God, not a story just of words. We tell the story of the Gospel with our actions as well as in what we say. We have to talk about our faith, but we have to behave and make choices as if it matters as well.

David Bosch, a theologian who died tragically early, said that Evangelism is "looking for where God is working already, and joining in". We have to look at the world around us and then decide where we are called to join in God's everlasting work.

Below are some links to information about our Church and our Community.

A profile of the community immediately around Redeemer from the Episcopal Church central office.


The ten  year summary of this church.



Census Data for Cleveland County


is.If you want to find data from other Episcopal Churches, here it is.

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