Staircase to......

This was taken at Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon in England. It is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the UK and, even thought I don't really get into the whole ghost thing, it is easy to get spooked. I think that these steps lead up from the dungeon where Lady Margaret was imprisoned by her sister and now walks the grounds, a vengeful ghost. I like steps in castles, especially when you cannot quite see where they are going to come out. Sometimes they lead to small, pokey, rooms in towers - damp and dank. But then there are those times where there is a surprise and you end up in a grander room or even on a roof with a view you would never otherwise see. Lent gives us the chance to undertake a journey but we do not know exactly where the steps up our curving staircase of fast and discipline will take us. I will venture, a well kept Lent will lead to a joyful Easter, a new view in a familiar place, more wonderful that we can imagine for ourselves.

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