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We are Redeemer

We are people on a journey together. It is a journey of exploration and of self acceptance. We are called by God; whoever we are and wherever we come from, whomever we love. This is truly safe space to heal and to find your calling. A new sort of Church. No hidden agendas, no attempt to change you. As you are is who God made you and where God loves you.



Prayer is our conversation with God. When we pray we talk and listen, we get to know God better. Prayer is not a vending machine for easy answers and quick fixes. Prayer is a journey for each of us.


When we pray together we form a community who are travelling together.



When we pray we listen as well as talk. When we listen we find we are being asked to do things. We have a large feeding ministry and we partner with various organizations in Shelby and beyond. 



God made you and loves you and we don't question that. We are constantly learning how to break down barriers. Acceptance means learning to love ourselves, to see ourselves as God sees us. When we understand that is really true, we can begin to accept others with no exceptions and no strings.


Welcome! There are so many ways for you to get involved in this community. Find the place for you.

New to Redeemer?
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All means all - you are welcome.

If you identify with the LGBTQ community but are cautious or have been hurt elsewhere one of our rainbow folk would be happy to listen and to share their experiences at Redeemer.

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