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Sacred Craft

The Sacred Craft Group at Redeemer meet on the first Saturday of the month at 10am in the Parish Hall.
All are welcome, just show up, no sign up necessary. 

The Sacred Craft Group at Redeemer meet on the first Saturday of the month at 10am in the Parish Hall. All are welcome, just show up, no sign up necessary. You can bring a craft or learn a new one.

General about
q and A

Q and A

Do I have to be a member?

No! Everyone is welcome and we do not expect you to join (although you are welcome to!)

What does it cost?

Nothing, or perhaps just a smile!

I don't have a craft to bring

That is absolutely fine. We always have knitting, crochet and beading supplies. If you come along and want to try something else, most of us have a room in our houses full of craft materials we would love to share.

I am interested in the baby hats, but I don't know how to make knit or crochet.

You are a perfect fit for the group. We can teach you. You don't need any supplies to start with. We can start you off on a simple square, dishcloth or a chunky adult hat. Once you are a bit more confident we can show you the extra couple of steps to the baby hat.

I have to look after my kids on a Saturday

No worries - our youngest member is 5! Just bear in mind there are beads and sharp scissors around so with very tiny people you will need to be prepared to keep a good eye on them. They can bring along their own crafts/coloring, or we can come up with a simple craft for children aged 3+ (let us know you are coming if you would like a children's craft here), children can knit as soon as they are ready. 

Older children can join in the regular activities and we can offer jewelry beading as well as prayer beads. We have changing facilities.

I have mobility problems

We are fairly accessible, but not perfect. The parking lot is on the same level as the parish hall and everything is wheelchair accessible so far as we know. If you have a big electric chair we can check it out with you. The outside doors are heavy and do not have an automatic opener so you might need to holler. We are working on improving our access. Please come and have a look and help us understand what would make things better.

Who comes to the group at the moment?

Currently our members mostly identify as women who range in age from their thirties to their eighties. We do have a couple of children who attend and some members of the queer community. Everyone is welcome. We just know it can help you feel at ease making a decision if you know who is likely to be around. 

I have other questions

Send us an email and we will try to answer them for you

baby hats

Baby Hats project

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We have an ongoing baby hat project. Hats will go to local hospitals and folk who do not have enough right now. We already make adult hats and always need more. As we approach Spring it might seem like an odd project but we can never get too far ahead.

The baby hats are for regular newborns and you are welcome to come and learn to knit or crochet in order to make them. We can share initial supplies to get you going.


Hats for Homeless

We do projects for homeless folk. These are shared through Shepherd's Table and our Church members. Often these items are hats or scarves. As with all our projects we can teach you to knit or crochet and yarn can be supplied.

Prayer Beads

Prayer Bead making

You can learn to make a set of Anglican Prayer Beads and how to use them. If you already know, or once you have learned, we make sets to give away, especially to local college students at Gardner-Webb's orientation day.

What are Anglican Prayer Beads?

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls

We make prayer shawls for those who are sick or having surgery in our community. These are delivered to homes, nursing homes and hospitals. 


Other Ministries

Card ministry. This is a growing ministry to write cards for special times and times of need. We are hoping to expand to making cards.

Special event & service planning. In 2019 we planned and hosted a Beading Workshop, the Blessing of the Animals and Cookies with St. Nick.

Other miscellaneous projects based on community & parish needs. 

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