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We have Sunday School for Adults at 11am after our 9:30 service. We study  all sorts of things from ecology to trhe Gospel of the year. Sometimes we use a book, or videos or art. Sometimes we even get to make something. You will often see "Formation" on our publicity, this is the same thing. It is just the word Episcopalians tend to use.

Winter/Spring 2023

Each year we read from  a different Gospel in Church. We begin in Advent (four Sundays before Christmas). This year, 2023, is a Matthew year. I


f you want to see how that works you can look at the Lectionary Page 

"Lectionary" is the order of readings in a year. 


We will be using a portion of the book January 29th - February 12th and may return to it later in the year. 

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Signs of life (1).png

Our Lent Study is material from The Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE) who provide simple yet thought provoking programs.

SSJE is a monastic order within the Episcopal Church and is based in Cambridge, Mass. 

As well as Formation material they have a wealth of devotional material and blogs on various subjects. Material is free of charge. If you need a printed copy and cannot make one yourself please let us know.

Signs of Life Material

SSJE Website

Fusion is a new program on the third Sunday of the month which brings sunday School together across the generations.

Sunday should be fun time and Church can be stressful for families with kids. Tribe is a once a month all age offering where everyone can have fun and worship at the same time.

You will find crafts, cooking, food to snack on, Bible stories and singing. Folk of all ages can choose activities at a range of carefully thought out stations based around a Bible story. Create, chat, learn together. Tribe is all about talking to each other about the things which really matter.

Come along on the third Sunday to find out how it all works. It is hard to describe but fabulous to be a part of. 

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