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The words Revival and Episcopal are not always used in the same sentence. On 13th November they will be!

This year marks 100 years of the Diocese of Western North Carolina and to celebrate the Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, is going to be with us (think the guy who preached at the Harry and Meghan's wedding).

Each year we have a regional gathering called Diocesan Convention. The way it works is that each church sends delegates and the clergy also attend. This year that will happen but the Friday and Saturday of Convention will be limited to Delegates and Clergy only. Friday and Saturday will be streamed.

Because Friday and Saturday will be limited in attendance there will be a service on Sunday at Christ's School in Asheville to which everyone is invited. This is the Revival. If you have ever been in a service led by Bishop Curry you will know he is very lively.

I am encouraging everyone to attend this service. If we have people who need rides we will figure that out. Because of this, there will be no morning services at Redeemer on November 13th. There will be a 5pm Eucharist. The service in Asheville will be recorded but not live-streamed.

As you know, I do not like cancelling services. However, on this occasion, we need to be present with our sisters and brothers around the Diocese. We are a part of something bigger and as we discern God's call to us at Redeemer we do so in the context of God's call to our Diocese. Sometimes it can seem like we are a long way away from things in Shelby. This is not Asheville and the closest Episcopal Churches are a decent car ride away.

Let's make an effort to show up for this one. The next few years will probably be tough on many fronts and getting to know and working with other Episcopalians is really important. If you need a ride there is a sign up at the back of the Church.

The Diocese are asking that individuals register - there is no cost or difficult form - it is literally so they know how many chairs they need. You can do that here Everyone needs to register. If you need a ride you need to sign up at the back of Church or email the office.


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Each year the clergy of the Diocese meet at least once for a Conference. We have a speaker and the time is intended to enhance and refresh our ministries and to give us half a day of retreat.

Our Diocese (the area from the west side of Lake Norman over to Murphy on NC), which is the Diocese of Western North Carolina, has two amazing retreat and conference centers. For those of you who are long time Episcopalians it might be a surprise that Kanuga is not one of them - it is an added bonus on our doorstep which is not managed by the Diocese.

The two that are are Lake Logan which is just outside of Candler, to the west of Asheville and Valle Crucis which is about two hours north of Shelby in the mountains. Valle Crucis, of course, being the home of the original Mast General Store - because most North Carolinians have heard of that!

Lake Logan is a relatively new addition to the Diocesan fold. It is set nestled in the mountains and houses several retreat cottages, a retreat house, the Diocesan summer camp, Camp Henry.. The staff there are working hard on a fairly new Outdoor School which will have a full range of outdoor classes and activities and there is even a project to re-introduce native plants. There are all sorts of programs throughout the year. Individuals and Churches can book space at any time it is available. It is also the home of the Cold Mountain Music Festival. Why not check it out here

The Valle Crucis Retreat and Conference Center Houses year round programs and also offers plenty of place for individuals and churches to rent space. The main building i

s historic but has modern amenities.

There are several group housing options and there are "hermitages" - small cottages which are intended for individuals or very small groups. These are tucked back from the main campus. Access to a walking trail on the property is popular with hikers as it leads to a waterfall. Why not take a look here

We are lucky to have two such beautiful places accessible to us. If you would like the opportunity to go to one of them but cannot afford it, ask. Sometimes there is money which they can give to defray cost.

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