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from the Rector

Jesus did not come to make people feel comfortable. In fact, He did exactly the opposite turning people's assumptions on their heads and asking people to think again if they thought they had all the answers. 

Jesus came to invite each of us to a journey of discovery with Him. At Redeemer this journey is central to who we are and how we are as a Christian Community. We believe that God calls us to ask difficult questions. We do not always find the answers. Sometimes we disagree and we have to learn how to keep on loving each other anyway.

The people Jesus' most criticized in the Bible are those who had forgotten that following God meant acting in love. Following Jesus means getting out there and being with people we find hard. It means rolling our sleeves up and working alongside people inside and outside our Church.

Sometimes, in Shelby, we are referred to as the "Gay Church" as if that was a bad thing. We are a safe space whoever you are and whatever your story has been up until now.

If you have been hurt by a church in the past but would like to be a part of a Christian Community, you are welcome. You don't have to join. You don't have to believe everything we say. Truly, most of us have trouble with something or other. You can just hang out for a while and see what you think. 

Our worship is traditional but our attitude is not. We are an old denomination. The Jamestown Settlers were from the Church of England and we are the same Church. We just changed our name to the Episcopal Church after 1776 - for obvious reasons! We are still linked with Anglican and Episcopal Churches around the world, including in England.

If you want to explore or reconnect with Christian faith, please join us. If you would like to talk to me and find out more before you come on a Sunday, please contact me I will be happy to meet, have coffee or Zoom.

God bless you on your journey, whether is leads you to our door or takes you elsewhere. 


Rev Caroline Kramer


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