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We need your help! As you know we have a large feeding ministry and you see us online. Many of you generously give to the Shepherd's Table program. When you do that 100% of your money goes to the program to provide food and meals. But here's the thing, we have to pay the bills, change the lightbulbs and pay the staff so that we can continue to serve the community. If you are not already giving (thank you if you are!) perhaps you would consider a gift which would help us with things like those pesky light bulbs and the plumbing. Every little helps.  We completely understand if now is not the right time - money is tight for everyone. If you would keep us in your thoughts and prayers and head back here when you can help out, that would be great.  


If you are making a recurring gift the form works better if you slick the "sign in" right at the top - then you can sign up and put in your offering. Thank you.

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