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New to Redeemer?



First of all Welcome. We are so glad you are here.

If you are thinking about visiting you could also look at our welcome page

Whether you have been attending for a few months or are brand new we are holding a series of Newcomers Dinners. You can come to them all or just to one - it is up to you. The upcoming dates are May 10th, May 24th and June 7th. They are all at 6:30pm.

These dinners will give clergy and other parishioners a chance to meet you, get to know you a bit and answer any questions.

If you want to join one of these gatherings please just let us know. Remember to say if you are allergic to anything. Each gathering will be limited in numbers, just because we only have space for so many. Spouses and partners are welcome, even if they do not attend.

We would love to see you. If you decide to stay - great. If you decide to journey elsewhere, you will go with our prayers. If you do want to formally join the Church, and are not an Episcopalian already, we will be running a more formal class later in the year. Our Adult Sunday School for most of the rest of 2019 will be based on a book called "Walk in Love" which offers some exploration of the basics of our faith. This is every week at 11am in the Fellowship Hall. No sign-up necessary and the book is free online.

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