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A Fearless Example

I remember, whilst my children were still young, someone telling me stories of teaching their teen to drive. After several rounds of rolling stops she finally said, "Do what I say and not what I do." I actually remembered this when each of my four kids had had at least two hours behind the wheel and knew more about driving than anyone ever.

The point of the picture is the same - lead by example. It is not only children who need good examples set it is anyone who is in uncharted territory. How do we respond to extreme stress, to fear, to the unknown? Who is going to set the example? I think we, as people of faith, have to be the ones. We have to act upon what we claim to believe and step up to the mark.

That is not about preaching at people but about examining our values and applying them to new situations. We love God and God's image is in each person. We live in community, community which we do not want to damage through selfishness. Faith is not a consumer product which can be adapted to constantly make us feel better - it is something deeper. It roots us, yes, but it also demands of us a sacrificial and fearless way of living.

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