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All Creatures Great and Small

Each year on the closest Sunday to October 4th we hold a Blessing of the Animals in our Church garden. We choose the day closest to October 4th because that day is St. Francis' day. St Francis of Assisi is often remembered for his love of animals.

When we bless our animals we are also praying for their human families as well. All sorts of animals show up with their owners, cats and dogs, gerbils, fish, spiders and snakes. Sometimes folk bring pictures of their pets, either because they are too hard to transport or because the whole thing will scare them. We can pray for them as well.

Whether or not you have pets please join us on October 2nd at 5pm. The Pet Blessing is very short and gives you plenty of time to hang out with other animals lovers. Just one thing; please make sure your pet is secure. That means put dogs on a leash and crate cats and other animals which might disappear into the cemetery.

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