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Common Cup Reinstated

From the Rector Concerning the Common Cup

We have received news from the Bishops Office that we may reinstate the Common Cup. At Redeemer this will be effective from Palm Sunday onwards. Please keep reading for how this will work during out worship.

For some of you this will be a great relief, for others it might feel too early or you may have other concerns.

As I have no idea how everyone feels about this I am going to split the Altar Rail to judge how best to include everyone. This means that those of you who would like to share in the Common Cup will need to go to the Pulpit Side and those of you who would like to continue to receive bread intincted at the Altar should proceed to the Lectern side. This is irrespective of which side of the Church you are sitting on. We will watch to see how many people take each option and go from there.

I am sorry if this sounds horribly complicated, to summarize: pulpit side - sip, lectern side - we dip and pay attention if we open up both sides to one or the other if numbers are unbalanced. Clergy will tell you this - so don't worry, we got you.

Please note that there is absolutely no dipping by congregants. The chalice bearers will be instructed just to move the chalices away from any hovering wafers from your side of the rail! We cannot put wafers directly into your mouth either - sorry.

Stay at home if you are sick and if you want communion brought out to you, especially Easter Communion, please let one of the clergy know.

Thank you for your continuing patience and support. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.


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