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Dogs (and lilies)

We have two dogs. The one in the picture is Charlie. Our other dog, Solomon, is a big black (mostly) lab. He is the sort of dog who loves greatly and lays around a lot. Hence, no picture, the ones I have make him look half dead.

Anyway, after they have been out in the yard in the morning the get a treat. They know they get the treat, in fact it is the only time when Solomon will come straight back in, rather than guarding the castle from his perch on the dog shelter or the garden bench.

As they bounded in this morning and sat expectantly with their noses turned upwards, eyes bright and tails wagging I realized they don't worry, they are just excited for this moment.

On Sunday we were studying Sir Stanley Spencer's painting about the Lilies of the Field and the dogs reminded me of this passage - they neither sow nor reap, and yet their heavenly father clothes them. In this time of uncertainty it was a moment of return for me. Sometimes it can be hard to articulate these reminders which God gives us of God's presence. Our busy minds search for answers and certainty - but those things have never been a deep part of earthly existence. Worry will not add a moment to our lives and we are held beyond life, it might not make sense, but it is as true as a dog excited about his treat.

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