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Fanning the flames

Back to the (almost) daily Lenten Blog:

Today, my calendar reminds me that it is an Ember Day. There are four sets during the year and they have, traditionally, been times when people are ordained and where we pray for those with Diaconal and Priestly vocations. I am not sure we really know why Ember Days and Ordination are linked but the official line goes back to the 8th Century.

I like the imagery. I remember walking around a site in Scotland where there had been Highland clearances (the English forcibly removed the Scots from the traditional lands). There were ruins of houses but what as always struck me powerfully is that the soldiers put out the fires, removing life from these places.

Embers are important - fires can be rekindled from them, even when they seem to be burning low. They seem to be a good metaphor for our faith journey - even when we think the fire and life has gone out of us, somewhere, deep within the embers burn - or perhaps just smoulder - but can be rekindled with the fuel and breath of the Spirit.

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