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Fusion: generations together

Fusion begins on Sunday 15th January at 11:00am .

Fusion is a new sort of Church where families and friends can come together and stay together and everyone can learn from each others they explore stories of faith. Four different activities for all ages. Conversation, crafts, food, art, song.

No need to sign up just come along. 11am on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Fusion is for everyone - not just members of the Church. Variety brings wisdom whether you are convinced about Christianity or not sure about anything - you are welcome. We are an LGBTQ safe space.

We will meet in the Parish Hall (directions)

We hope to see you there.

From the Street follow "Parking" Sign. You will see a big door with the word "Welcome" over it - this is where you come in. If the lot is full you can park on the other side of the Church or in the lot across the street - sorry we are a bit short on parking!

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