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Harvest Lunch and Chilli Cook-off

In the old days there were four big Festivals in the year which were linked to agriculture. In January there was the Blessing of the Ploughs, then the Blessing of the Fields in the Spring which was called Rogationtide. Then in Lammastide was the offering of the first fruits of the Harvest and, finally, Harvest itself was when, hopefully, all was safely gathered in and winter was nearly here.

Of course, these festivals go back to times when most people were working in agriculture of some sort, way before cities got so huge and jobs became industrialized. In some ways it does not make sense to celebrate Harvest when we have whatever we want, whenever we want from the grocery store.

On the other hand, there is something really important about getting in touch with the rhythm of life and the seasons. Even if we are not farming for a living we can still offer our work to God and thank God for those things which bless our lives.

This year we will be seeing a return of the Chilli Cook-off. Rules are pretty simple, it has to be some sort of Chilli. It helps if it is in a crockpot. It also helps if you provide ingredients for folks with allergies. Enter some chilli, eat some chilli, enjoy time together. Our community and our fellowship is certainly something to thank God for at any time of the year, but especially at harvest.

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