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Meeting St Luke

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

A friendly Bible Study on the Gospel of the year. Begins on January 9th. This is accessible to everyone, no matter how much you have studied before. If you need help with the cost of the book please let us know. You can attend with or without the book as the course is discussion based.

"The theological and literary beauty of the Gospel of Luke comes to life in Meeting St. Luke Today, written by preeminent biblical scholar Daniel J. Harrington. What truly sets this book apart is the way in which Harrington effectively bridges the gap between modern biblical scholarship and Christian spirituality. In addition to a brief but complete narrative analysis of the Gospel of Luke and essential background information on the Evangelist himself, this book includes suggestions for ways we might "pray" Luke's Gospel and live out its transforming message in our daily lives." from Amazon book page.

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