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Red, Yellow, Green for Covid


Covid safety protocols July 2022

These measures use the CDC County COVID system. There are all sorts of metrics but this one combines several and is easy to use.

Green Low Community Spread Business as usual with an awareness of the comfort level of others. Safe seating available in Church and the choice between sip and dip at communion.

Yellow Modertate Community Spread

  • Masks mandatory in worship

  • Masks optional in other settings by consensus (ie if one person wants to mask, we mask)

  • Greater awareness of needs of the other in terms of physical proximity (ie. do not sit too close to people or hug them without checking that is OK)

  • Shepherd’s Table is fully masked

Red High Community Spread As above plus

  • 6ft social distancing

  • Masks mandatory for everything

  • Use yellow markers for communion

  • Alternate pews are closed

  • Peace is “no-touch”

  • The option to “sip” is removed

  • Food events are limited to pre-packaged and wrapped individual portions

  • Social events are rescheduled

  • no yoga

When the CDC estimation of risk reduces we will wait to make sure the situation has stabilized before stepping down our precautions. This will help to prevent confusion and a lot of changes.


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