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Towel Ministry

Here are a few pictures from the Towel Ministry work day on 12th August. If you want to know more about towel ministry please contact Frank or Judy Thanks to everyone who works so hard to help.

What is Towel Ministry?

Leading with the “towel” is enabling people to make decisions and to pursue their God given dreams, and celebrating their accomplishments. Leading with the “towel” means serving those I lead not so that they will serve me, but so that they will serve others.

Towel Ministry evolved and began over 30 years ago by Deacon Cris Greer and Fr Gene McDowell as a response to the need in communities for housing improvements, repairs and maintenance for elderly or disabled folks.

Upcoming Projects

Towel Ministry will be working on projects at 8am-12pm the following dates

September 9th

October 7th

Project locations will be announced

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