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Woohoo it's Chilli time!

The Chilli cook-off returns! You can cook, eat and/or compete. Any sort of chilli is welcome - if a dessert chilli exists, that counts as well as the more traditional versions.

Please bring your chili in a crock pot to keep it warm. You will be give a slip of paper with ingredients which some might be allergic to like, gluten, dairy and nuts. All you will have to do is check "yes" to any that are in your chilli. That means, if you did not cook it, please try to know what is in it.

Our masking mandates are relaxed but you will be required to wear a mask when serving yourself chilli and to wear plastic gloves. The gloves are standard at restaurant buffets so many of you are used to that. Masking is optional in the Parish Hall but please be sensitive to your table-mates as always.

If you can't get to Church you can still come to chilli. Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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