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As some of you know I was given a batch of chicks for my birthday. I hasten to add this was not random - we have had chickens before and my husband was given a free coop so we had planned on them, it was just a nice surprise. This one is Aphra.

I have not raised hens from chicks before, last time I bought 16 week olds as we were in the UK and they are not terribly expensive. So, watching these little guys is fascinating. They know what they need, even though they are only a few days old. They hang out under the head lamp, eat, drink, find a cooler spot when they need it.

The Bible talks about God as a mother hen. But we are not very good at being chicks, listening to our own inner voices and needs, coming back to the warmth and protection and looking after ourselves. I will keep watching the chicks and reminding myself that I need to listen to that deep and natural voice of the Spirit within me, without making things so complicated.

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