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A Startling - Yes!

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation. We remember that Mary was visited by the angel and asked this most wonderful of questions -to which she answered - be it unto me, according to your will.

There are two options - a poem is below and there is also a video version with some pictures and time for reflection.


No more than a girl

A yes

A choice.

Her life set out was what it should be

All it could be

Good man, roof, food,

Children underfoot as she sang

And stretched out weary limbs.

The life they all knew,

Careful, respectable, predictable, tidy.

Not answered plea of childless wife

Nor prayer of seeking words.

Not desperate,

I have nothing

But generous

I give everything.

Longing, yes, longing.

Deep in silent recesses

Deep in preparation


Until this yes.

Says yes

Because she has to

Says yes

Because she doesn’t

Says yes

To the whole word and to a quiet room.

Says yes to who knows what

Blind faith

Says yes because

Rehearsed and anxious

She waited for the call.

Our should



Holds tight the phoenix wings of longing

Echoes a flood of speech

To keep this single word at bay


Long for it

Fear it

Box it

Process it

Deny it.

And wait and wait and wonder

Where the question went

Where it went?

Yes, yes.

(apologies for the typo - long story as to why it is not corrected!)

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