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Welcome to our Yoga Program.

Our Church has a yoga program because we believe that we are created to be whole people. Sometimes we can get a bit stuck in our heads with out faith and it is easy to forget that when our physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual parts all work together we are more healthy and whole. We are people who are called to love and witness and that is more powerful when we live and speak from all that we are, so that we can become all that we are called to be. 

Who is it for?

Our program offers a chance for folk to practice yoga, including those who might not be able to take yoga elsewhere. It is not just for members and we are open to, and seek to respect, those of all faiths and none. When a class says "suitable for beginners" it means just that - we expect people to show up who have never done any Yoga before. We try to describe classes well. If it says you will not need to get up and down from the floor - you will not.

Community classes:

We currently have two community classes per week. On Monday at 10:00 am there is a simple mat class. Simple means simple. You will be getting up and down - a little bit. This class is aimed at people who can still get up and down (yes, it might be ugly and slow) but might be out of shape or just getting older.

Our Wednesday class is currently on a break. 

Want to know more or have a question? 

We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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