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New Moon

As many of you know until about a year ago we lived in Florida, fairly close to the beach. Every so often there would be a spectacular new moon and the beach would fill up with locals as dusk fell and the moon rose.

I like to take pictures but the moon is really hard for me - I did not quite get it right - everything seems a bit backwards to my poor brain, compared to taking pictures of the sunrise. I had some learning to do about moon pictures after this.

It seems obvious to say that we need to learn, but it can be difficult to actually do that when we are in a situation which is less familiar. We tend to be self-critical - I was with my blurry moon pictures - but then I realized I could learn, could understand better. This willingness to let go of our over-developed adult certainty and ability to view our faith as a place of learning is something which we can embrace. It is easy to think we are doing that but if we are thinking we are not good enough, smart enough or skilled enough it might be time to consider learning that the aperture and shutter speed which we are setting, might need a little work.

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