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Response to St John's DC

Whilst there is a danger in reacting too quickly to the events at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington today I feel I have to say something publicly.

Churches are sacred spaces and the Bible is God’s Holy Word, neither are props for political publicity opportunities. The fact is also that this picture could only be taken after protesters were forcibly moved away from the President’s path.

The Episcopal Church stands united with those who experience racism and all other forms of oppression. We stand up for those whose voices are rarely heard. We are people who seek healing and reconciliation in the name of Christ.

Using sacred space and sacred text to partisan political ends does not remove the sanctity of those places or the reality of God’s presence in God’s Word, it shows an ignorance of the power of these things, of the power of our God and the response which God demands from all who love him.

Pray for our nation, pray for those who need justice and pray that our hearts may be turned more and more to love.


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